Case Overview

Trooper Rodney M. was living his dream: he had his dream job as a state highway patrol trooper, was married to his high school sweetheart, and was raising his two boys. He really had everything he wanted in life. Then, during a routine patrol, he and his patrol car were driven over by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer operated by a Sysco Wholesale Food Service driver. While Rodney’s idyllic life took a tragic turn, we were able to help.

Stinson Law Group [was] honored to represent Rodney and Marian, who were willing to fight for better truck safety in our community and on our highways.

With the case now done, Rodney and Marian can begin a new chapter and put the horror and the pain of this crash behind them.

Laurence Stinson

Profit Over Safety? Standing Up to Big Trucking Companies

When you hear this case, you probably think, “How awful!” On the surface, it seems like the cause of this crash was the truck driver. While the driver played a role in the accident, the root cause was the food distributor’s overly aggressive delivery schedule. This driver was run ragged to keep up with the demand for deliveries.

This case goes beyond a mere accident – it uncovers a systemic issue in the trucking industry. This profit-driven decision, sacrificing safety, left Rodney forever injured. The implications of such practices extend beyond individual cases, impacting countless lives.

The distributor could have split the route but ultimately pushed its driver further than it should have.

Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys

We’ve recovered over $5,000,000 in tractor-trailer crash cases.

From lost wages to medical costs, the compensation in these cases is worth so much more than a check for our clients.

Addressing Our Client’s Needs

Rodney had his entire life changed by this crash, and his life needed reconstruction beyond the courtroom. Rodney needed healthcare that could help him retool and take a new approach to life. We took on this case to help Rodney get the care he needed to move forward after the accident.

The legal process can be messy and confusing, especially if you are working through a traumatic event. It is not always clear what the next steps should be, and that’s where we come in.

Trucking Accidents & Tractor-Trailer Cases

Trucking accidents are serious and often fatal due to the sheer size of these vehicles. Extensive medical bills, lost wages, and an uncertain future are just a few of the challenges people face when they are involved in a trucking accident or tractor-trailer crash. Trucking or tractor-trailer accidents can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to balance injuries, insurance companies, and employer-employee relations.

If you’ve been in a truck or trailer accident in Wyoming or Montana, you deserve an experienced attorney on your side. Learn more about how Stinson Law can help you navigate the aftermath of your trucking accident.

doctor and nurse reviewing brain chart

Stinson Law’s Legal Strategy

With decades of trucking cases under our belts, we knew we needed to dig deeper into the facts of the case. Once we rolled up our sleeves and got into the details, we identified the root cause – the food distributor’s internal operations, delivery route, and driver rest periods. Our focus was on securing justice for Rodney and addressing systemic issues within Sysco’s practices.

Challenges We Faced

The distributor’s scorched-earth defense was formidable, backed by a competent law firm and lawyer. They claimed this was just a run-of-the-mill accident and tried to get the court to block claims about its overall safety process.

Unfortunately, this type of strategy is the norm in tractor-trailer cases. Trucking companies often refuse to take responsibility for negligence and have ample time, resources, and money behind them to fight.

In the trucking industry, certain practices create unsafe driving conditions and, too often, prioritize profit over safety. These trucking companies, trucking shippers, and truckload brokers are often big players – national or global companies – that can pay a seven-figure settlement or verdict.

We know that with diligent, aggressive, and experienced representation, a case that once might have been settled for $250,000 by others can now be settled for millions.

That’s why we were eager to take on Rodney’s case. With decades of experience fighting big trucking companies and winning cases and compensation for our clients, we were confident we could secure the compensation Rodney needed to move forward with his life.

Legal Action Taken

After initially taking a position that this case was not worth much, we leveraged federal rules of discovery to expose how corporate practices harmed Rodney and his family. This strategic move forced the food distributor to confront the broader impact of its decisions and ultimately get our client the results he deserved.

Results & Outcome

Through our experience and a dedicated team, we secured a top-dollar settlement for Rodney and his family. While the compensation amount remains confidential, the impact on Rodney’s life is immeasurable.

doctor and nurse reviewing brain chart


In truck crash cases, the obvious cause may not be the root cause. Stinson Law Group’s decades of experience have taught us to dig deeper to uncover the real issues. On its surface, this case could have been dismissed or waved away as something as seemingly insignificant as a driver turning left when they should not have. But we didn’t stop at first glance; we kept digging to find the real answer.

In every big rig case, we dig deep so that the legal system can hold all of the bad actors accountable for the harm they have caused. Otherwise, cases will be valued too low, and the real culprits will not face justice. Sadly, it often takes an easily avoidable crash to shed light on the dirty secrets of the trucking industry. All of this means that careful, in-depth investigation by the lawyer is necessary to uncover the true causes of the crash.

For Rodney and his family, delving into the root causes led to a successful outcome. We are honored to be part of their recovery story following such a traumatic crash.

Have you been involved in a tractor-trailer crash? We can help.