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Lawsuits of any kind can be complicated and complex. When dealing with personal injury issues, criminal law matters, or other losses, you need a lawyer who not only can make the legal process less complicated, but one who also empathizes with the physical and emotional toll that any case can take.

At Stinson Law Group, P.C., we take a “team” approach to the process of helping our clients. In addition to the lawyers, we have a highly-qualified and dedicated staff. Working with people during a true time of need is a challenge we take on readily and one we find deeply rewarding.

With law offices in Bozeman, Montana and Cody, Wyoming, we practice statewide in both Wyoming and Montana. Your initial consultation with us is free. During this meeting, we will learn the circumstances of your case and thoroughly explain the lawsuit or criminal defense process and the options available to you. We will tell you what to expect and just how we will be with you every step of the way.

When you hire Stinson Law Group, P.C., you hire lawyers who sincerely believe in fighting for you. You employ experienced trial lawyers with thorough knowledge of both the law and how insurance companies work. We are energetic, aggressive, smart, dedicated and thoughtful. And we have one goal in mind – to help our clients achieve the results they desire. Our track record is rock solid.

Our Mission

We believe that every American has the right to seek and obtain justice. Our job is more than winning money for our clients. Our job is also to help our clients gain answers and understand the what and why. We understand and appreciate the opportunity to share in part of our clients’ journeys and succeed in life, business, and relationships. We work to make the world a better place, one client and case at a time. We do this so that when injustice happens to a client, it won’t happen again to someone else. We are dedicated to protecting people and community. We are proud to be trial lawyers and meaningful members of our communities.

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