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If you have been injured in Montana or Wyoming due to the negligence or safety rule violations of others we encourage you to contact us before you talk to the insurance company for the other side. The consultation is free and confidential.

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Insurance companies are not there to protect you, no matter what their agents and adjustors tell you. Insurance companies are there to protect and preserve their profits. We are dedicated to helping you recover your medical bills, lost wages, physical and mental health, and lifestyle.

From car crashes to dangerous premises to defective and unsafe products, Stinson Law Group has handled, settled, and tried these cases for many years. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients to help them fix the harm caused by the safety violations of corporations, trucking companies, insurance companies, and others.


  • Automobile Accidents including Car Crashes, Commercial Truck Crashes, Motorcycle Accidents, and Pedestrian/Car or Bicycle/Car Collisions.
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Defective and Harmful Product Cases
  • Wrongful and Accidental Death
  • Negligence, Personal Injury and
  • Brain Injuries
  • Dangerous and Defective Products
  • Pharmacological Litigation
  • Insurance Disputes and Lawsuits Against Your Insurance Company
  • Commercial Job Site Accidents including Construction Site Accidents, Commercial Agriculture Accidents, and Stockroom-Related Injuries

Car, Motorcycle, & Bike Accidents

Day in day out, year after year, our experienced lawyers represent honest, hardworking folks who - through no fault of their own - are hurt in vehicle crashes. We know the insurance, the medicine, the laws, and the road to success.

Job Site Accidents

If you have been hurt on the job site by the poor conduct or mismanagement of another company on site, we can help. Our experienced team of attorneys specializes in job site accidents and can help you navigate this complex legal process.

Insurance Disputes

Wondering why your insurance company is not treating you fairly? Your own insurance company's mistreatment of you is almost certainly on purpose. Insurance companies know that money is made by denying your legitimate claim. We are here to help.

Nursing Home Injuries

Our team is passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves - and this means nursing home injuries and death. Nursing homes are charged by law to protect the vulnerable in their care. But, because they hire untrained and new workers, often fail. When this happens, we can help.

Wrongful Death

Accidental and wrongful death devastates families, children, loved ones, and friends. The road to justice and recovery can be complex and very experienced lawyers are needed. We can help.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Tractor-trailer and semi-truck accident cases involve unique nuances and often result in significant consequences. The road to justice and recovery can be complex and very experienced lawyers are needed. We can help.

Frequently Asked Questions


Bringing a lawsuit against another party is something most people would like to avoid. But, if you have been injured, it is often the only way to ensure you are treated fairly and that you receive the compensation you deserve for being unable to work, for facing chronic pain, and for facing diminished family life and quality of life.


Most personal injury cases are restricted by statutes of limitations. If you have been injured, it is important to quickly discuss your case with a qualified personal injury attorney who can explain how the statute of limitations may affect you.


The cost of the lawsuit is correlated to the outcome. Stinson Law Group takes personal injury cases on a contingency basis. We only get paid if you do.


Personal injury cases generally take twelve to sixteen months to resolve. However, some cases get a quick result and are resolved much faster.


"I don’t think you could find a better law for them to represent you and your family. This law firm goes above and beyond anything I could’ve imagined. What stood out for me the most was being taken in by the Stinson Law firm and treated like I was family. The law firm did everything it could possibly do for me and my family and then some."

— Dave F., Stinson Law Group Client

“When you have a legal issue, the system is tough to understand and impossible to navigate by yourself. It is a discouraging experience that leaves you feeling helpless. No person, family, or business should have to go through that alone. You need someone who will stand with you, and someone who can win for you. That person is Scott Stinson.”

— T. Fitzgerald, Stinson Law Group Client

“We felt from our first meeting we could put our trust in the Stinson Law Group and they would do their very best for us. The staff was always very kind and helpful anytime we called.”

— The Wakes, Stinson Law Group Client

“I highly recommend hiring the Stinson Law Group...! They are incredibly thorough, good communicators, and have a lot of experience to make you feel at ease with handling your case.”

— M. Joondeph, Stinson Law Group Client

"If you find yourself in a similar position, first and foremost, do not be afraid or intimidated to consult with an attorney. If you are hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence, you should absolutely speak with a legal representative. The entire team at Stinson Law Group will do their best to make sure that you are treated with dignity and respect, no matter how difficult your case may be.

— Jeff B., Stinson Law Group Client

"I simply cannot say enough good things about this law firm. They were there every single step of the way. One could not find more knowledgeable, efficient, qualified, capable and caring lawyers and staff. Their professionalism is second to none and they are so responsive and caring. They certainly get the job done. If ever having a need for legal representation could be considered enjoyable, the staff at Stinson Law Group made that happen for my family. Sincerest thank you!"

— Cathy C., Stinson Law Group Client

“Ours is the only system in the world where one person, through the use of the legal system and a lawyer, can hold a business, a corporation or a person accountable for harm they caused.”

— Laurence Stinson, Partner, Stinson Law Group Client

"They are located in MT. And WY. They do different kinds of law. Scott Stinson is awesome and he gets it. Very detailed lawyer and kind."

— Cindy G., Stinson Law Group Client

"I highly recommend these folks. Great people that care about their clients. The staff keep you posted and informed. 5 star group of people."

— Dale M., Stinson Law Group Client


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