Stinson Foundation for Safety


Scott and Laurence Stinson have both been avid mountain bikers since 1988. Their passion for mountain biking has inspired them to create Stinson Foundation for Safety, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping kids safe by providing bicycle helmets free-of-charge. For Scott and Laurence the organization provides an opportunity for them to give back to their community of Cody, by providing the assistance and insight necessary for responsible riding and enabling future generations to partake in their long-loved sport.

The last Stinson Foundation for Safety helmet giveaway was in September 2019 where, along with Joyvagen Cycles and Scott Sports, they were able to get 100 Cody children in-need safely into a helmet.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Scott and Laurence in helping us bring joy and safety to the children of our community, please reach out to us at for information on how you can help.

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